Who are we?

We are a member of the organization: “Our Hirschau” e.V. which promotes social and cultural issues in our community.

What are our aims?

We give support and aid to people with a migration background in order to help in becoming members of our community and country.

What can we offer?

  • Tutoring and helping your children with their homework and when they have problems at school 
  • We offer language support for children and families acquiring the German language 
  • We offer mentor programs for pupils who attend German schools and young people in vocational trainings (“Ausbildung”) 
  • We offer practical help with the German administration/ authorities, f.ex. writing a formal letter or filling out forms 
  • We support you if you need to find work or a place to stay (room/apartment)

In cases where we cannot offer any help, we try to transfer you to the people and authorities that are responsible for your case.

Who can you contact...

...in case you need our support or more information or if you want to participate in our program?


Ulrich Latus
(Ortsvorsteher und Vorsitzender des Fördervereins)
Kingersheimer Straße 57
72070 Tübingen-Hirschau
Tel. 07071/204-6050
Email: ulrich.latus(at)t-online.de


Harald Hamacher
Dischingerweg 15
72070 Tübingen-Hirschau
Tel. 07071/9208708
Email: hamacher.h(at)t-online.de


Reinhard Pfau
Schulstraße 20
72070 Tübingen-Hirschau
Tel. 07071/639846
Email: reinhardpfau(at)gmx.de


Ursula Thalmüller
Kreuzlingerweg 35
72070 Tübingen-Hirschau
Tel. 07071/78546
Email: u_thalmueller(at)web.de